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Lloyd’s Ice Cream History

lloyds-logo 1950

Lloyd’s Ice Cream was founded in 1950 by a man named Lloyd, thus the name Lloyd’s Ice Cream.

Lloyd’s Ice Cream began as one small retail shoppe with ice cream made in the back room.  It was located at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and North Fares.  It was later torn down for Highway 41.  If you are sitting in the southbound turn lane on Highway 41, you would be at the drive thru window.











Lloyd’s Ice Cream was purchased in 1963 by Don Smith,
the present owner, who had a passion for making homemade ice cream.

Pictured is Don Smith in 1964, his first year in business.
Don made ice cream every morning & sold ice cream all day long.

drivethru girls

Lloyd’s Ice Cream had walk up service and drive thru service in 1960.

(even before McDonald’s!)

Lloyd’s Drive-Thru Menu 1964





















Lloyd’s Becomes Lic’s

Lloyd’s Ice Cream registered the name Lic’s in 1979 for the retail shops.  Lic’s stands for Lloyd’s Ice Cream Shoppes.  The parent Company name is still Lloyd’s Ice Cream, Inc.


plant-filling plant-stacking

In 1979, Lic’s moved it’s ice cream production to a larger plant in downtown Evansville.

This plant churns out 2000 gallons of Lic’s ice cream per day.

Lic’s Ice Cream Factory


Throughout the years Lloyd’s/Lic’s has updated & remodeled it’s look.










Lic’s expanded it’s ice cream line of products

to include Ice Cream Cakes, Choco Cremes & Turtle Pies.

Lic’s Party Desserts


Lic’s added soda fountain style soups, salads & sandwiches

in 1986 featuring many family recipes for sauces, salad dressings, soups & chili.

Lic’s Deli



Lic’s bakes it’s own bread

and cakes & cookies at Lic’s plant/bakery in downtown Evansville and delivers it to the stores fresh daily.

Lic’s Bakery


And today, Lic’s remains a family-owned business.





Visit Lic’s to taste Lloyd’s
original recipe ice cream

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